Asaf KleinbortCloudShare’s new TechBlog


I am happy to introduce the new CloudShare Tech Blog.

It will be focused purely on technical aspects, mainly those that the CloudShare Dev Team encounters in our daily work.

A significant part of CloudShare customers are developers, so part of our customers or prospects might find the ideas and thoughts we will share here interesting. However, this blog is not about marketing to our customers – it is about sharing our ideas, challenges and thoughts with our peers in the software development community.

The idea of starting this blog came to me from the Netflix tech blog. I never really use Netflix, however I read and enjoy their tech blog, specifically during the period when they describe the challenges of migrating their infrastructure to AWS.

The service we develop here is complex and interesting from a software engineering point of view. We have a modern UI, a very complex businesses logic layer, and our own cloud, which is delivered to our customer as a service. We have a lot to share around these topics.

Another interesting aspect (especially for me) is the Development process.
There are many questions here: how to code, how to test, what to test and how much, how often we should release, what our org structure should be in order to provide the best quality and efficiency, and many more.

Since CloudShare’s early days, have been striving for efficiency in our process and have tried to keep up to date with what we thought were the best methodologies.
However, the world is moving as well, and fast. And we are continuously finding out that what is today a state of the art modern approach, can become commodity very quickly. And that there is always room for improvement. We will use this stage to share our thoughts around development methodologies.

I hope we can use this blog to hear back opinions from the developer community as well.
Thank you for reading and participating!

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